Wednesday, October 1, 2014

" Renascentis"
( Wormholedeath ) 2013.
Gothic metal - ITALY


Out of Ferrara ( Italy ) comes a band Levania, formed in 2007 year. With actuelle one,
they have released a few Demos/EP's and two albums. As a band, Levania comphrises
in its sound a classic goth elements, taken from so call. old school legacies, and that's
a platform for additional variants, borrowed from a  death, and rarely black metal options.
A powerful guitar riffs, and colorful keyboard passages defines a song forms, but a key
elements in its approach stand in vivid female-male vocalizations, where angelic female
voices are in constant " fight" with darkest male/growl interpretations. In one hand, Levania
seriously work on its songs and messages, but problems of evident mannerism also exist.
They also in many realizing aspects knows to remind on well-known acts, but originality is
also a important part of its approach.  Italians are also interesting in concert form, so, take a look on them...

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" Broadcast Your Identity"
( Wormholedeath ) 2014.
Death metal/modern metal - HOLLAND

Selfmachine are newer Dutch act, with 11 songs debut album, entitled " Broadcast Your Identity".
A group are consists of five members, and they have offered a modern authors views and
same realizations on its debut. They combines elements of modern death metal with some other
so call modern metal phrases, as same as hardcore/crossover tendencies as well. Growl and
" normal" vocalization change places in its material, also well produced, and in same manner
performed. " Broadcast Your Identity "comprises  equal materials and similar atmospheres
between songs, with addition of " fresh" and strong playing energy. Well done debut, worth
listener's attention, especially if you prefer newer " aggressive" tendencies under the genre.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

" No Tears For The Devil"
( Wormholedeath records )
Metal/grunge - NORWAY

Out of the southwest of Norway comes a 5 piece band Angerman. They have started a career in
2005 , and during the first period of existence also released an EP, entitled " Newborn".
Actuelle offering, a full-length with 11 tracks in -" No Tears For The Devil", introduces band
as a metal/grunge act, also pretty influental by the 90's period as well. A modern production,
as same as distant playing, announce that Norway fellows has a serious plans for forthcoming
career. On the other side, a songs are similar among them, and many repeatable moments
are presents in its conception. As a band, they didn' t show much originalities, but technically
 as same as manneristically satisfies too. A mentioned less of originality could be a problem in
a future, but on nowadays scene exists many  similar act , support by worldwide audience.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

VICTOR CAMOZZI - “ Cactus & Roses”

“ Cactus & Roses”
(Volco Records/Hemifran) 2014.
Country/americana – USA

„ Cactus & Roses“ is a third album by Texas singer/songwriter Victor Camozzi. He’ s a troubadour and songwriter of old school manner, and his songs has a recognizable atmosphere and emotionalities. He possesses a deep powerful voice, and most of  the tracks were done in country/americana style, where too many ballads  characterize his album in general. A distant arrangements works and certain production are convincible part of his signature too. Nothing especially new can be heard here and there, but mentioned pleasant atmosphere, as same as evident emotionalities, still can hunt a new faithful fans..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

" Someday"
( Self - released ) 2013.
Blues / rockin' blues - USA

Steve Krase is a well-respected harmonica player and vocalist, whose activities
dated through last decades. Born in Brooklyn, NY, but last 20 years locate in Houston, Texas, he was also a part of Jerry Lighfoot And The Essentials band. There's no doubt, that he is a extraordinary harmonica player, and he has  released his actuelle album "Someday" , with respectful bunch of camarades and musicians. A CD are consists of 12 tracks in, done in standard, so call conventional blues/rockin' blues vain, but with addition of lotta' performing energy, and nothing less positive vibrations. Nothing especialy new, but with evidental emotionals and more than satisfying performings. Mr. Krase is also a certain singer, and most of present materials deserve repeatable listenings.

Rating : 8 / 10

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" Revelation "
( Wormholedeath Records ) 2013.
Death metal - ITALY

Italian power trio Worstenemy isn' t a new name under a underground metal sky in mentioned beautiful country, and also in the other part of the globe. Their activities started out in 1997 year, and band found themselves than as a thrash cover act. Later on, they changed style in Florida old death school variant, and in forthcoming part of career more or less they are on same direction . Their discography is also relevant. "Revelation" is a actual full-length with 10 tracks in, done in mentioned death metal older school mood. But, Italian trio also has showed that other releasing elements can introduce in respectful manner. Practically in each song they produce an interesting atmosphere, often up tempo changes, and clever dialogues between slower and faster parts. A present songs deserves a repeatable listening where more hidden details need to be discovered. There's no doubt that Worstenemy did a fine job with actual album...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10

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" Lone Chimney "
( Ranger Records ) 2013.
Country/folk/country rock - USA

This year a Red Dirt Rangers celebrate a 25 years of existence as a band. They are undoubtedlypride and joy of Oklahoma music scene, especially if we speak about country/folk/roots and similar genre's tendencies. Their experience is evident, and if you are in position to hear a first tacts of its songs, the meaning of mentioned words became clear. " Lone Chimney" are consists of 13 equalizing tracks, done in country/country rock/roots mood, with certain melodic lines, strong harmonization and nothing less than simply, but convince technical details. We can not find a less interesting or so call weaker places on its album, and all of present songs are also acceptable for radio using and night-time , and also day-time listening. Absolutely recommendable.

Rating : /

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