Friday, January 22, 2016


(Self -released) 2015.
Balkan folk/world music – USA

Out of Brooklyn, New York, comes a Raya Brass Band, pretty established act in last few years, if we speak about Balkan folk influences and brass music under the hat of worldwide world music scene.
USA felows are active from 2008 year, and during the period of existence, they have released a three albums. Last one, simply called „Raya“, looked the light of day in the last part of 2015 year.
Raya Brass Band are consisting of skillful musicians, well-trained jazzy influental performers, and what is also important to say,  all of the members are well-educate players of Balkan music tradition. Actual „Raya“ album with 9 tracks in, and little longer than 38 minutes of music is full of Balkan  influences, specially folk music of South part of Serbia and Macedonia. Constant rhythmic tribal dances, interesting arrangments, with additionals of refine brass sound, characterize presented materials as well. Precise timing and clever includings of jazzy elements defines its sound too.
There’s no doubt that USA band offer something tipically their own, in mentioned genre’s variant, and what is also important they could be more than interesting act for the listeners from Balkan territory.



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