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Written by Branimir Lokner
Saturday, 07 July 2010

( Flying Disc Records ) 2010.


Melodic rock/AOR - CANADA

Jon Mullane is a Canadian artist, active continiously some period. His first offering was album " The Source " ( 2007.), and during the earliest period of this 2010 year he has released privately his second offering - "Shift". This album will be released in Europe through " Escape Music" at the end of July. Actuelle album Mullane has done in collaboration with producer and co-writer, Harum Scarum drummer Creighton Doane.
" Shift" contains 10 mainly equalizing tracks with similiar appoach. Musically, Mullane is on the field of melodic rock/Aor, with also 80's retro power pop/synth pop includings as well. He reminds partly on Rick Springfield, but also on mainly USA Aor artists from 80's era.A mentioned retro touch is present in every corner of album's materials, but generally " Shift" is well-produced issue and communicate with standards of our time. Even that I can not find nothing spectacular in his offering, on the other hand Mullane performs quite solid and pleasent songs in the manner of melodic rock/aor views." Shift" is mostly recomandable album for the followers of 80's Aor/melodic rock tendencies.

Rating : 7 / 10
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