Monday, August 23, 2010

Electric Chair - Demo / Promo

Electric Chair - Demo / Promo

Written by Branimir Lokner
Monday, 23 August 2010

ELECTRIC CHAIR " Demo / Promo "
MP 3 2010. - USA

70's/ 80's hard rock

Electric Chair are relatively new project/band ,fronted by key person, guitar player/producer and leader - Wayne Ward. They hailing from Madison, Wiskonsin, and at this very moment a group's line-up are consists of 2 more persons - Gonzo /vocalist , and drummer - Al Sys. On their MySpace page we can hear a 6 putted songs from band, and that's only a part of group's hugest opus, ready for delivering. On the other hand a members from band are well-experienced and trained musicians, and from the first to last offering track, they knows how to satisfy a taste of mostly hard rock fans of so call older school. A band has introduced themselves with some authors songs and some covers, especially opening track " Time Of The Season" posses something typical of great 70's. Even that Wayne's company has recorded an equalizing materials some comparizions comes to mind, and I would mention another USA precisely New York act - The Rods, as a band with similiar performing "communication" . The Rods were a group whose carreare lasted during the 80's, and especially 2 albums - " In The Raw" and " Wild Dogs" reached the audience attention.
Electric Chair in their own way combines elements of 70's and 80''s hard rock, with present energy of our time. There are no unnecessery complexities in its performings, arangments were done in clear and simply way, but the songs are listenable and at the same time absolutelly accaptable.
Even of evident retro approach, Electric Chair are serious band, whose musical opus simply deserve a chance, and of course listeners attentions.

Rating : 8 / 10
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