Sunday, November 27, 2011

HORNS of HATTIN - De Veritate

HORNS of HATTIN - De Veritate

Written by Branimir Lokner
Sunday, 27 November 2011

" De Veritate "
( Self - released ) 2011.
Black/death/dark metal

Out of Austria comes a band Horns of Hattin, formed back in 2007 year, They have discographicaly started with " Demo" ( 2008 ), and during the this 2011 year, also with realization of full-length, entitled " De Veritate". Horns of Hattin are group whose interesting fields touches epic themes, ancient mysteries, and periods occupied by the the events of the Crusaders. They also explores eternal themes, as a relations between humans and religion.. Musically, their performing options are equally orientire to symphonic black metal tendencies, as same as to death and dark metal variations, and classic heavy includings as well. Some elements of 90's black metal movement are present in its music, but Austrians also has accepted enough modern views in its approach. " De Veritate" as a album are consists of 9 tracks/ themes, and this is also some sort of conceptual saga. " De Veritate" as a album isn' t so easy for acceptable, but Austrian fellows did a lotta' efforts that all things comes to a right place. A productional work is well-done, as same as the other technical details...

Rating : 7 / 10
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