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 Written by Branimir Lokner
Tuesday, 08 January 2012

" Bullshit "
( Street Symphonies Records / Atomic Stuff ) 2012.
Sleaze / hard rock - ITALY

A carrear of Italian act Easy Trigger started out in 2009 year. Firstly, a band has introduced themselves as a strictly cover group, but
later on with some personal changes they started to work on own materials. In March 2011, they discographically debuted with
5 track EP. After some sucessfull concerts and gigs, they started to work on full-length, and during the last months of previous
2012 year, they released a CD entitled simply " Bullshit". Italians are on the field of sleeze/hard rock tendencies, I would add
with evidental original views. I can not compere its attitudes and performings with any of well-known USA and Britich acts too. Its songs are raw and direct, with also less so call standard melodic includings. In the other hand they knows to be convinceble, and in the same time interesting. " Bullshit" are consists of 12 mainly equalizing tracks without any leading song, but also without a weacker places too.
 " Bullshit" is a good discographical start for Italian fellows, worth listener's attention, especially if you are a sleeze / hard rock freak.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.reverbnation.com/easytrigger

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