Sunday, October 20, 2013

" Someday"
( Self - released ) 2013.
Blues / rockin' blues - USA

Steve Krase is a well-respected harmonica player and vocalist, whose activities
dated through last decades. Born in Brooklyn, NY, but last 20 years locate in Houston, Texas, he was also a part of Jerry Lighfoot And The Essentials band. There's no doubt, that he is a extraordinary harmonica player, and he has  released his actuelle album "Someday" , with respectful bunch of camarades and musicians. A CD are consists of 12 tracks in, done in standard, so call conventional blues/rockin' blues vain, but with addition of lotta' performing energy, and nothing less positive vibrations. Nothing especialy new, but with evidental emotionals and more than satisfying performings. Mr. Krase is also a certain singer, and most of present materials deserve repeatable listenings.

Rating : 8 / 10

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