Saturday, November 14, 2015

(Kromazonta) 2015.

Out of Austria comes a band The Inner Me, consisting of experienced musicians, and fronted by key person – guitarist, drum programmer and producer Reinhard „Kotza“ Muller. Mr.Muller and his fellow compagnions has released a CD with 10 tracks in, entitled „A New Horizon“.
This is a sort of conceptual album, about writer/storyteller and his inner life, named Robert Mankovic, alias Robert Maxwell. Inside interesting conceptual story, a band members delivers a metalic rock sound , performed with expanding energy and similar emotions.
A band has sounded fresh, pretty coherent, where presented songs posses common stylish approach. As a group, The Inner Me takes something of „old school“ performing (hard rock) variants, and this is also recommendation for older genre’s followers. This is a interesting product, worth listeners attention.

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