Friday, November 5, 2010

GUN BARREL - Live At The Kubana

GUN BARREL - Live At The Kubana

Written by Branimir Lokner
Friday, 05 November 2010

GUN BARREL " Live At The Kubana "
( Self - released ) 2010.

Heavy metal - GERMANY

A German act Gun Barrel is one of true metal groups, continiously active on national scene for 10 years.During the period of exsistence, they have released with actuelle one, 5 albums and 1 DVD. Actuelle CD " Live At The Kubana ", is some sort of anniversary edition, and present to loyal fan base A group sell mentioned CD only from their website, and they pressed no more than 1000 copies. Gun Barell works in quartet formation, and in its line-up is a new singer, his artistic name is Silver. Gun Barrel deliver portions of true metal variants, nearer to 80's standards. They performs in raw and direct way. Their metal sound also accept classic hard rock elements, as well as some power metal additionals. " Live At The Kubana" introduces themselves with 17 tracks, recorded wthout any overdubs or re-recordings. Gun Barrel's approach is passionate, honest and also convinceble enough.
They are recomandable for true metal followers, and fans of 80's metal / hard rock tendencies.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
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