Friday, June 17, 2011

SECOND WAY - Changing Times

SECOND WAY - Changing Times

Written by Branimir Lokner

Friday, 17 June 2011

SECOND WAY" Changing Times "

( Self - released ) 2005.


AOR / melodic rock

In our world still exists many hidden and uncovered groups and artists, and one of them are guys from German band Second Way. Second Way is a group with no short history behind. Previously, they were known as a 2ECOND WAY, and under mentioned name , they have released an EP in 2000 year, entitled " First Strike", Later on, they changed a name in Second Way, and during the 2005, they released a full-length : Changing Times", still actuelle in its discography. But one thing is important. A Second Way is really convinceble and brilliant AOR / melodic rock act, whose musical approaches are nearer to 80's psychology, and influental in some aspects by the USA acts from mentioned era, as well. Their sound is also a little bit complecxier, than the case was with other well or less known AOR groups, also pretty melodic with clever arrangments additionals, added with fine vocalizations as well. " Changing Times" are consists of manny listenable places, where most of the songs posses radio friendly usings.Hope that in the near future, we shall see a new products in their discography... If you are a AOR / melodic rock fan, Second Way is a band for your taste. Don' t hesitate to check' em.....

Rating : 9 / 10

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