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OLIVERA DRAGICEVIC SKVO - Samo pokusavam da zivim

OLIVERA DRAGICEVIC SKVO - Samo pokusavam da zivim

Written by Branimir Lokner
Wednesday, 24 September 2008

OLIVERA DRAGICEVIC SKVO " Samo pokusavam da zivim " ( Rock Express Records ) 2008. EX-Yu CD-R 70's rock - SERBIA

For all of less-informed, Olivera Dragicevic aka Skvo, is a longest time active on domestic scene. She performed a lot in Belgrade club circuit as a bass player, and most of period she spent in Old Spice group.Later on, she started as a singer too, and also as a tenement gutar player. A few years before, she released a debut album for "PGP RTS", and a some period ago actuelle second full-length entitled "Samo pokusavam da zivim", for "Rock Express Records". Skvo is well-known with her absolute conservative attitude and approach to legacy of 70's period, and tipically of Ex-Yu therithory.She also introduced herself performing with former well-known and established artists, popular in mentioned 70's period, and her actuelle album in some way suppose to be a hommage to idols, still actuelle and alive on scene.
"Samo pokusavam da zivim" are consists of 9 tracks in, as well as with multimedia and video clips bonuses. She teamed up on album with Bora Corba, other members from Riblja Corba band, R.M. Tocak, Bata Kostic ( Ex-Yu Grupa ), Dadi Stojanovic ( Zona B. ), Proja ( Fuzzbox ), Babura ( Ex- Siluete ), her fellow son Pera, Scepa ( Nightshift )... All of the present musicians and guests has given a specific flavour to offering materials, and it's clear that all of the tracks where they participated had also a pastiche of it's former groups.So, one expecting approach of 70's is present here and there, and all of the followers of tipically Ex-Yu 70's, can find something interesting in offering materials.But, I have to say one more time that Olivera's traditional conservative approach ,in several aspects eliminate communications with standards of our time, facing her carrear with mentioned facts all those years.

Rating : 6/10
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