Friday, July 9, 2010

VIDEOSEX - Videosex' 84

VIDEOSEX - Videosex' 84

Written by Branimir Lokner
Friday, 09 July 2010

VIDEOSEX " Videosex' 84 "
( RTV Slovenia ) 2009/1984


Electro pop - SLOVENIA

During the 2009 year, a Slovenian national record company " RTV Slovenia ", reissued a debut album of well-known Ljubljana based act - Videosex, entitled " Videosex ' 84 ". A quartet consists of 2 female and 2 male members, performed own variant of electro pop music, infected by known mainly Brit. names. A group had in its line-up a charismatic female singer Anja Rupel, and talented keyborder/aranger/author, later also a producer - Iztok Turk.Even of national, in those times Yugoslavian public expectations, " Videosex' 84" was a little better than album of avarage qualities and same realizations.Just a few songs satisfied, other were passed through uncertain mannirism. A new CD remastering unfortunatelly more associate on period of LP realization, and have nothing with standards of out time. Sadly.... Also a CD contains some repeatable elements as a LP, a 25 years before, without any additional song bonuses or technical innovations. Later on, in the mentioned 80's, Videosex partly changed its style, refreshing carreare with commercial 3rd mini LP - " Svet je zopet mlad".
Nevrtheless, "Videosex' 84" is important album for Yugoslavian 80's post new wave period. This is also a discographical begining for band, whose carreare had an important place, not only on Slovenian music scene. But, technical elements of this reeditional product could be undoubtly better....

Rating : 6, 5 / 10
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