Saturday, December 5, 2015


Melodic rock – USA

Midori&Ezra Boy are female fronted four piece act, active some period ago. They are from San Francisco Bay Area, and actual „S/t“ album, with 11 tracks in, is their third album to date.
Midori is a brilliant singer, with strong performing qualities. Her vocal style knows to remind on Pat Benatar’s method of vocalization, but generally some other 80’s influences in group’s music offering, also comes to mind. Their melodic rock also capture hair metal and power pop influences, as same as other AOR traces as well. All of 11 presented tracks are more than listenable, and possess radio friendly using too. Don’t hesitate to „catch“ their music if you find a free time, you’ll never be disappointed.



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HACKMONOCUT - "The Sum Of My Parts"

Darkwave/goth/rock – AUSTRIA

 Hackmonocut is enigmatic person, whose career as a solo artist, started out in 2012 year. He is a songwriter, and his first discographical step was album „In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms“, released as a variant of homerecording. Album followed by the video to the song „Virgin Suicide Bomber“, visualizing one of the darkest tracks of the album in November 2013.
During the August of this 2015 year, Austrian artist released second, still actual album, entitled „The Sum Of My Parts“.
Hackmonocut with minimal band following behind, combine elements of darkwave and gothic, with rock and electro includings as well. Important part of his views are lyrics, deeply emotional and eclectic. He has something of Morrison/Cave methods of vocalization, and songs possess similar dinamization and atmosphere, part monotonous, part dreamy, but with clear and authentic signature. Even of mentioned so call darker atmosphere, album of Austrian artist is melodic and listenable too. I will also mention, that complete technical details satisfies as well.
Hackmonocut is a person whose musical message deserve attention and recommendation.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

TORCHIA - "Ending Begining"

Melodic death metal – FINLAND

Torchia is a five member death metal band from Tempere, Finland, active from some period ago. In 2013 , a group has released first demo, simply titled „One“. During the actual 2015 year, with new singer in its line-up, a Finnish fellows recorded a still actual product, EP with three tracks in, named „Ending Begining“. Torchia is a powerful act, musically precise, with strong melodic includings. They are influental with the older school variants, but I have to add, that its sound also posses enough original details. Many speed/thrash includings as same with  power metal additionals, a group has presented in its performing exposures.  Songs have been followed by cristal production and precise arrangments includings too.
As a band Torchia also did a lotta efforts in own promotional campaign, and it seems that all the things are going from this moment in expecting way. We’ll see what the future brings, but there’s no doubt that the „Ending Begining“ clearly covers a growing group potential.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

RAILROAD - "Railroad"

Hard rock/boogie/rock’n’roll/classic rock – GERMANY/HOLLAND

Railroad isn’t a newer name on worldwide underground rock scene. They have been active about a decade, and fronted by key person, guitarist, vocalist and author – Arne Dieckmann. During the period of exsistence, a group has delivered a portions of hard rock/boogie, rock and roll, and with actual one, they have released 4 albums : „Where To Go“ (2007.), „Something Good“ (2009.), „On The Run…Live In Netherlands!“ (2011.) and „Railroad“ S/t CD from March this, 2015 year.
Railroad are company deeply influental by the 70’s/80’s variants, and they know to remind on such a groups/acts as: AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Krokus, Status Quo…Their sound is raw and unpolite, but with clear performing  attitude. For all followers of older genre’s variants, a Railroad message could be interesting and acceptable. A group  also all the time deliver a recognizable portion of energy, and similar performing options. „Railroad“  posses, in mentioned description, 11 presented tracks, without leading song, but with equalizing atmosphere and approach.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

(Polly Musque Production) 2015.
Alter rock/progressive – FRANCE

Few days ago I have received a CD from interesting French band – Studio 107. They are from Brest, and they work as a quintet. Band’s career started out in 2010 year, but it was discographically activated in October in this 2015 year, with the CD entitled „Hope-Sink“.
French fellows introduce themselves with 8 tracks in, done in one so call, strange combination of alter rock elements and progressive music tendencies. I would also add, that presented sound posses a lot of elements of originality, and creativity as well. All the songs are done in mid to mid-up tempo, where interesting arrangements follows a musical atmosphere, created by the band members. Some of the songs posses a darker ambient mood, other expander instrumental fragments, but at the same time, it’s album is listenable with clear presented melodic traces. It seems that production also satisfies as well, and there’s no doubt that group did a good and also creative job.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

(Kromazonta) 2015.

Out of Austria comes a band The Inner Me, consisting of experienced musicians, and fronted by key person – guitarist, drum programmer and producer Reinhard „Kotza“ Muller. Mr.Muller and his fellow compagnions has released a CD with 10 tracks in, entitled „A New Horizon“.
This is a sort of conceptual album, about writer/storyteller and his inner life, named Robert Mankovic, alias Robert Maxwell. Inside interesting conceptual story, a band members delivers a metalic rock sound , performed with expanding energy and similar emotions.
A band has sounded fresh, pretty coherent, where presented songs posses common stylish approach. As a group, The Inner Me takes something of „old school“ performing (hard rock) variants, and this is also recommendation for older genre’s followers. This is a interesting product, worth listeners attention.

Monday, July 20, 2015

"Murder Motel"
( Self - released ) 2014.
Deathcore - CANADA

Out of Montreal, Quebec, comes a Dark Century horde, who's career
started out in 2001 year. A first album - "Days Of The Mosh", band has
released in 2008 year. Still actual one - "Murder Motel" is their second
CD with 11 explosive tracks in. Dark Century is a sort of band equally faithful to older school and newer extreme variants. They combine death metal, hardcore and even heavy/thrash tendencies in its sound as well. Arrangements in presented songs is simply treated , but a band members posses strong energy and emotions too. We can not find here and there leading or recognizable song, but all of finding tracks  posses I would say identical acceptances. Quite enough for die hard genre fans and followers..


Wednesday, June 24, 2015