Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HACKMONOCUT - "The Sum Of My Parts"

Darkwave/goth/rock – AUSTRIA

 Hackmonocut is enigmatic person, whose career as a solo artist, started out in 2012 year. He is a songwriter, and his first discographical step was album „In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms“, released as a variant of homerecording. Album followed by the video to the song „Virgin Suicide Bomber“, visualizing one of the darkest tracks of the album in November 2013.
During the August of this 2015 year, Austrian artist released second, still actual album, entitled „The Sum Of My Parts“.
Hackmonocut with minimal band following behind, combine elements of darkwave and gothic, with rock and electro includings as well. Important part of his views are lyrics, deeply emotional and eclectic. He has something of Morrison/Cave methods of vocalization, and songs possess similar dinamization and atmosphere, part monotonous, part dreamy, but with clear and authentic signature. Even of mentioned so call darker atmosphere, album of Austrian artist is melodic and listenable too. I will also mention, that complete technical details satisfies as well.
Hackmonocut is a person whose musical message deserve attention and recommendation.


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