Friday, January 22, 2016


(Self -released) 2015.
Balkan folk/world music – USA

Out of Brooklyn, New York, comes a Raya Brass Band, pretty established act in last few years, if we speak about Balkan folk influences and brass music under the hat of worldwide world music scene.
USA felows are active from 2008 year, and during the period of existence, they have released a three albums. Last one, simply called „Raya“, looked the light of day in the last part of 2015 year.
Raya Brass Band are consisting of skillful musicians, well-trained jazzy influental performers, and what is also important to say,  all of the members are well-educate players of Balkan music tradition. Actual „Raya“ album with 9 tracks in, and little longer than 38 minutes of music is full of Balkan  influences, specially folk music of South part of Serbia and Macedonia. Constant rhythmic tribal dances, interesting arrangments, with additionals of refine brass sound, characterize presented materials as well. Precise timing and clever includings of jazzy elements defines its sound too.
There’s no doubt that USA band offer something tipically their own, in mentioned genre’s variant, and what is also important they could be more than interesting act for the listeners from Balkan territory.



Sunday, January 10, 2016

KALISANTROPE – „Anatomy Of The World“

(Self-released) 2014.
Progressive – ITALY

Out of Rescaldina, small town in the province of Milan, Italy, comes a trio Kalisantrope, a newer name in the growing field of progressive music genre. Italian act started its career in the 2013, and in the following late December of 2014, with its own forces has released an EP CD with 5 tracks in, entitled „Anatomy Of The World“.
Musically, Kalisantrope are faithful to older school of progressive genre, established in the period of late 70’s. They are instrumental act, in some aspects influenced by the music of groups, as a Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Dutch act Trace as well. Kalisantrope are respectabe performers, and good arrangers of presented materials. All of 5 tracks from the EP, posses equal so call psychology, and similar realization too. I have to add, that production work isn’t convinceble enough, and in some parts lead to „wrong“ direction. A production is in some places too „soft“, and knows to eliminate a group’s performing energy.
Anyway, Kalisantrope has offered a listenable material (under the genre’s direction), showing that as a band posses evident potential.


SHEPHERDS OF CASSINI – „Helios Forsaken“

(Self -released ) 2015.
Post progressive rock/metal/fusion – NEW ZEALAND

Out of Auckland, New Zealand comes a band Shepherds Of Cassini, active from 2012 year. After a year of existence, they released a self-titled debut, and during the July of previous 2015, a second full-length entitled „Helios Forsaken“, looked the light of day.
New Zealand band work as a quartet with violin in its line-up. All of group members are prominent performers, with clear idea about musical conception. They have offered a strong sound, with often guitar and violin instrumental includings, attractive arangments, and modern production as well.

They also „create“ something different, cos’ a band’s version of  progressive and metal mixing elements, as a result produce something fresh and new. Good balance between vocal includings and instrumental parts charaterize its longest songs too. In the final, they are listenable, and musically convinceble. Very recomandable.



(Pretty  Good – Lookin’ Records ) 2015.
Glam/sleaze rock/hair metal – SWITZERLAND

Out of Zurich, Switzerland comes a band King Zebra, formed back in 2009 year. During the October of this 2015, they have released a second album, entitled „Wild!Wild!Wild!“, with 11 tracks in.
A Swiss horde in their own way force a story and movie, established in 80’s period of previous century. They are faithful to glam/sleaze rock/hair metal variants,and presented songs confirms mentioned approach. Songs from album are wild, done with strong energy, and exceptional melodic includings as well. I have to add, that production also remind on glory 80’s, but around genre’s circulation they have done own signature. Vocalization knows to associate on some segments and leads to another one well-known Swiss acts – Krokus, but performing elements are something quite different.
King Zebra under the glam/sleaze/melodic hard rock elements, manneristicaly satisfies, and what is also important, its songs are listenable and acceptable.




SOUL EMBRACE – :"Good Morning To Myself"

(Starman Records) 2015.
Rock/soul/new wave – BELGIUM

Soul Embrace are newer band out of Belgian music scene, consisting of experienced musicians. Some period ago they have released a full-length CD with 11 tracks in , entitled „Good Morning To Mysef“, for „Starman Records“.
The Belgian fellows in their own words making songs about movies that never made, written stories by life itself. Musically, they have offered a unique mix of various stylish options, and this is some sort of, I would say „laid back“ crossover. We can find here and there traces from rock, soul, and specially 80’s new wave variants as well. Saxophone is dominate instrument, and some comparative elements lead to late Morphine influences too. Ironic and smoky voice of front man Alain Deltenre also characterize its sound. Songs of a Belgian band are listenable and mentioned 80’s new wave influences are present in arrangement creations too.
Soul Embrace are undoubtedly interesting act, not for every ear and taste, but with promising  final message. We’ ll see what the future brings in their case.