Sunday, January 10, 2016

KALISANTROPE – „Anatomy Of The World“

(Self-released) 2014.
Progressive – ITALY

Out of Rescaldina, small town in the province of Milan, Italy, comes a trio Kalisantrope, a newer name in the growing field of progressive music genre. Italian act started its career in the 2013, and in the following late December of 2014, with its own forces has released an EP CD with 5 tracks in, entitled „Anatomy Of The World“.
Musically, Kalisantrope are faithful to older school of progressive genre, established in the period of late 70’s. They are instrumental act, in some aspects influenced by the music of groups, as a Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Dutch act Trace as well. Kalisantrope are respectabe performers, and good arrangers of presented materials. All of 5 tracks from the EP, posses equal so call psychology, and similar realization too. I have to add, that production work isn’t convinceble enough, and in some parts lead to „wrong“ direction. A production is in some places too „soft“, and knows to eliminate a group’s performing energy.
Anyway, Kalisantrope has offered a listenable material (under the genre’s direction), showing that as a band posses evident potential.


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