Sunday, January 10, 2016


(Pretty  Good – Lookin’ Records ) 2015.
Glam/sleaze rock/hair metal – SWITZERLAND

Out of Zurich, Switzerland comes a band King Zebra, formed back in 2009 year. During the October of this 2015, they have released a second album, entitled „Wild!Wild!Wild!“, with 11 tracks in.
A Swiss horde in their own way force a story and movie, established in 80’s period of previous century. They are faithful to glam/sleaze rock/hair metal variants,and presented songs confirms mentioned approach. Songs from album are wild, done with strong energy, and exceptional melodic includings as well. I have to add, that production also remind on glory 80’s, but around genre’s circulation they have done own signature. Vocalization knows to associate on some segments and leads to another one well-known Swiss acts – Krokus, but performing elements are something quite different.
King Zebra under the glam/sleaze/melodic hard rock elements, manneristicaly satisfies, and what is also important, its songs are listenable and acceptable.




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