Thursday, September 6, 2012

SASHASONIA - Sashasonia

SASHASONIA - Sashasonia

Written by Branimir Lokner
Thursday, 06 September 2012

" Sashasonia "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Indie folk/acoustic/world music

Out of New York City comes an pretty interesting female-male duo named Sashasonia, consists of Sonia Chui - voices / cello, and Sasha Markovic, who is guitarist, bass player, percussionist and composer. During the brief period of existence, they have recorded over a 30 songs, tested' em in club performances, and after that decide to put a 15 tunes in their actuelle " S / t debut.
14 of present songs are authors works of mentioned Belgrade born Sasha Markovich, and only one track is cover, and this is a well known standard / classic - " Autumn Leaves ". Most of present songs are done in mid to mid up tempo, added with darker but in the same time pleasent performing atmosphere, fulfield with clever arrangments includings too. A songs are listenable, acceptable at the same time , and recomandable for the fans of different musical tastes. We can label its offering as a sort of indie folk /acoustic, roots and world music, but there's no doubt that Sasha and Sonia sound as a coherent team with original approach and same performing realization. Well done, and this is also a modern product , without uninteresting or weaker places...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
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