Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BIG TERRIBLE - Face The Stone

BIG TERRIBLE - Face The Stone

Written by Branimir Lokner
Tuesday, 08 December 2009

BIG TERRIBLE " Face The Stone "
( Self - released ) 2009.


Hard rock/70's rock/stoner/grunge

Out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comes a newer very promising act - Big Terrible. They work as a trio - Jon Dumoff is vocalist and bassist, Tim Lynam is drummer and Dan Lynam is guitarist. They have received a pretty supportable reactions from collegues , press and radio editors, and it seems that they will have as a band a promising forthcoming future. Musically Big Terrible communicate with 70's rock, hard rock, stoner and even grunge lagacies, but all things they released on perfect way. All of 8 present songs posses convinceble approach and performing dimension, and as a band they have sounded pretty atractive and also as a well-experienced act. We can hear in its music influences comes out from Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Gov's Mule kitchen, but trio has accepted standards of our time, and judging by authors offering, its views coming in modern ( rock ) therithory. " Face The Stone " absolutely satisfies in every exsisting elements, and as a album is more than recomandable for 70's hard rock and rock followers, but I' m sure that as a band Big Terrible will pleased also a newer rock fans.

Rating : 9 / 10
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