Monday, January 24, 2011

AMAGORTIS - Intrinsic Indecency

AMAGORTIS - Intrinsic Indecency

Written by Branimir Lokner
Monday, 24 January 2011

AMAGORTIS " Intrinsic Indecency "
( Brutal Bands ) 2010.


Death metal - SWITZERLAND

A Swiss quartet Amagortis isn' t a newer name in death metal underground community. They started out in 2001 year, and till now they have released with actuelle one, a third full-lengths. " Intrinsic Indecency" introduces themselves with 11 tracks in, done in pretty brutal death metal vain. They sound as a coherent team, also with some grind includings, but I would add that present materials comphrises also 90's death metal influences as well. Mannitristically, they also knows to remind on USA acts from late 90's and begining of the 2000's period, and in my opinion also more psychologically. Technically as same as productionally, some things looked unfinnished, and the weacker side belongs to identical productional threathenings in each songs from the album. Total running time of album is 30 minutes, and cover design of CD, done by Tony Koehi deserve recomandations.

Rating : 7 / 10
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