Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TOUCH THE SPIDER - Blood On The Wallpaper

TOUCH THE SPIDER - Blood On The Wallpaper

Written by Branimir Lokner
Wednesday, 14 November 2012

" Blood On The Wallpaper "
( Whereareyoufrom )  2012.
Doom /  psychedelic - GERMANY

  Unholy Ghost and Cosmic Energy, a two persons who stand behind Touch The Spider band, are discographically in the saddle
                      again. " Blood On The Wallpaper" is their 6th product, a full-length with 14 tracks in, done in reckognizeble doom / psychedelic / dark mood. Touch The Spider are faithfull to their " music from the dark side of life" conception, and similiar atmosphere dominates in actuelle album, like the case was with their previous issues. I have an impression that mentioned atmosphere on their newest CD, is judging by productional oriantations and threathenings of arrangments includings, stylistically is more stronger and clearlier than before, and that's are new moments generally. On the other side, it seems than " Blood On The Newspaper" is more listanable
                      album than previous CD's, but that's not bad at all. Interesting and fine work as usual, and recomandable too....

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10

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