Saturday, August 13, 2011

LAZULI - 4603 Battements

LAZULI - 4603 Battements

Written by Branimir Lokner
Tuesday, 11 August 2011

LAZULI " 4603 Battements "
( Self - released ) 2011.

Progressive/progressive rock

French band Lazuli is another interesting act in progressive area, coming out from France. With actuelle one, a group has recorded a 5 albums, discographically started out in 2004 year. " 4603 Battements" a band did with own forces, and album looked a light of day during the May, this 2011 year. Lazuli is a band with respectable experince, in its line-up are well-trained musicians, and also is important to say, that judging by authors creations, a French act knows to offer many interesting ideas, with hints of originality as well. " 4603 Battements" are consists of 11 tracks in, and this is a Digi CD with additional 24 pages booklet. Musically they mixes electric with acoustic lines and parts, with addition of some interesting samples. Also we can find hidden folk, chanson, and avangarde elements as well in its arrangmants works. A production is modern, and generally their music posses many eclectic views. Complexivity ( in positive meaning ) is a middle name of present songs, and French act did a nice work in final. Pretty recomandable for progressive freaks and followers.

Rating : 8 / 10
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