Monday, June 22, 2015

" Seconds "
( Self - released ) 2014.

Alt. pop/rock/melodic pop/rock - AUSTRIA

Austrian act Frame Saw are consisting of 4 members, one equal female-male combination. Its serious story starting out in 2008 year, and first album a group has released in following 2009, entitled " One Hundred And Twenty ". A band has received some serious recognitions in homeland, and not only in national area. Actual album, a group has recorded in 2014 year, and this is a CD with 12 tracks in, entitled  simply " Second". Austrians tries to combine elements of 80's and 90's period, and their vision is faithful to variants of indie/alter pop and melodic pop/rock details as well. A recognizable female vocalization knows to associate on European mentioned 80's and 90's models of similar existing groups,but I would add that Frame Saw as a band posses enough energy of so call our time. Their songs are listenable, some of them maybe over produced, but with clear authors signature. A pleasant atmosphere also follows its materials, and most of the songs are done in mid to mid-up tempo. A closing tune "End To Start" deserve a more repeatable playings.


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