Monday, June 22, 2015

" Havoc"
( Self - released ) 2014.
Heavy/power/thrash metal - GERMANY

German horde Free Key Bit Chess have been around since 1995 year. First album, a group has released in 2007 year, and actual "Havoc" some period ago. Germans are on territory of old school variants,where equal emotions and energy a band include in strong riffing parts, as same as in solid and powerful vocalization as well. Influences taken from 80's and 90's period are evident,but a group has caught a energy of our time. " Havoc "  are consisting of 10 tracks, pretty similar among them, but done with quality production  as well. " Havoc" could be a recommendable product for old school followers, but I' m not sure that fans of newer tendencies around heavy/thrash options would be satisfied too.

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