Wednesday, June 24, 2015


" Waiting For Tomorrow"
( Self - released ) 2014.
Melodic rock/AOR -  SWEDEN

Out of Malmoe, Sweden comes a band Grand Slam,who's story started out in 2008 year. A group are consists of 6 members, and " Waiting For Tomorrow" is their actual 3 track EP.  A names of the songs are : " Get High", " Don' t Leave" and s/t " Waiting For Tomorrow". A Swedish fellows on its example confirm that
in their country really exist too many fine melodic rock/AOR acts. All of present songs posses a nice melodic lines, refine arrangements works, as same as certain playings. Swedish sextet " looks " like a winning team, and its EP satisfies in all aspects. Nice works and 3 repeatable and radio friendly songs for different tastes..Recommendable...

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