Sunday, June 21, 2015

" Lo-Fi Heroes "
( Self - released ) 2014.
Glam punk/garage rock - FRANCE

The Zombie Dandies are project/band of two interesting guys from Normandy, France. Marty Dandy ( drums, bass, guitar and vocals ), and K 1000 Zombie ( guitar and vocals ), started out in 2011 year, and in following 2012, they have released an EP, in old-fashionable DIY manner. " Lo-Fi Heroes " is their first full-length album with 13 tracks in, done with interesting glam punk views, with additional package of garage rock idioms, released a few months ago. Its stylish visions are  in some parts strange , in other parts pretty melodic, with interesting lyrical approaches and unexpected performing lines. In some aspects reminds on late 70's USA horror/garage acts, but also posses enough originality as well. A production is simply, clear and in other hand poor, but that was their decision. Without a too much expectations , a French fellows drives own cadillac in only possible positive way, and that's a most important thing..for now...

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