Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FADING CIRCLES - Cyber Whirlwind

FADING CIRCLES - Cyber Whirlwind

Written by Branimir Lokner
Wednesday, 23 November 2011

" Cyber Whirlwind "
( Nail Records ) 2011.
Progressive metal/various metal genres

Fading Circles are Transylvanian trio, founded in 2002 year. After few Demos, numerous gigs across Romania, and realization of first full - length album, entitled " Soulburn", a wider audience recognazid them as a serious and promising act. " Cyber Whirlwind " is their second album, released for " Nail Records". Fading Circles are unclassical metal act, also untipical progressive metal band.
A group creates a songs full of different arrangments threathenings, many up tempo and rhythmical changes, even that most of present materials are done in mid, rarely faster mood. Basically, progressive influences occupies its sound, but a members from band create own sound, and what is more important own style. We can find in its music also hidden jazzy details, hidden so call stoner elements, many classic heavy includings, and many things in- between." Cyber Whirlwind" are consists of 8 tracks/themes, without of a leading song, but also without a less interesting moments. Their album is pretty inspirative product, recomandable not only for metal followers.

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
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