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Written by Branimir Lokner
Saturday, 06 December 2008

STONE CARPET " Silence "
( Self-released ) 2008.


Rock/melodic rock/grunge/hard rock/alter - SWEDEN

A newer adut on national Swedish scene could be a band Stone Carpet.It`s carrear started back in 2006 year, but under the different name.
During the brief period, a group suffered of some personal problems, but at the same time, they worked hardly on a songs, and soonly an EP has followed.
A Swedish guys has introduced themselves with 5 coherent tunes, well produced and done. Basically, its approach covers melodicity as a main thing, then in the other side, judging by stylish options, a members from band are faithfull to rock forms. Their materials are listenable, and at the same time acceptable, but we can find here and there also some other influences, comes out from grunge and alter rock therithory as well.
In my opinion, a s/t track "Silence" and song " Still I Am Mine", are maybe "stronger" than others, but generally "Silence" as a debut issue relevantelly discover its aduts.

Rating : 7,5/10
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