Monday, January 5, 2009

THE TERRY ECKARD BAND - Rebel On The Highway

THE TERRY ECKARD BAND - Rebel On The Highway

Written by Branimir Lokner
Monday, 5 January 2009

THE TERRY ECKARD BAND " Rebel On The Highway "
( Waggletone Records ) 2008.
Sounthern rock/70's rock/
rock/blues rock

I have found in some web textures that few reporters/reviewers use to say that Terry Eckard Band is maybe the best sounthern rock act in our time. And after listening of group's last album "Rebel On The Highway", my opinion could be nearer or similiar to mentioned statements.
The Terry Eckard Band works as a trio, fronted by Terry Eckard - guitarist/singer/author, and comes out from Hickory, North Carolina.
" Rebel On The Highway" brings absolutelly inspirative and convinceble portion of southern rock music. Complete album materials has sounded as a best possible LP material of some well-known act released in glory 70's. But, USA trio isn' t uninnovative act and its performing options also finds inspiration in our time. "Rebel On The Highway" are consists of 13 tracks in , where we can find a classic southern rock tunes, blues-rock songs, a tracks similiar to Blackfoot/Molly Hatchet stylish approach, 2 ballads and 1 instrumental theme. All the members from band has showed a respectable authority as a performers, and all of them posses evident experience. USA fellows surelly did a god job, and their album deserve only positive recomandations.

Rating : 9/10
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