Monday, October 20, 2008

GRUPA DAIRE - Vrti mi se sve

GRUPA DAIRE - Vrti mi se sve

Written by Branimir Lokner
Monday, 20 October 2008

GRUPA DAIRE " Vrti mi se sve "
( Komuna ) 2008.

Pop/rock - SERBIA

As the informations confirmed from their webpage, Grupa Daire started its carrear in 1990 year in small Bosnian town Sanski Most. Unfortunatelly tragically war happenings part of band relocated to Novi Sad, which became their constant destination.They constantly circulate around clubs in Novi Sad area, and posses performing experince as well. A few months before a Belgrade based label "Komuna" release a band's debut entitled "Vrti mi se sve". Grupa Daire performs variant of pop/rock nearer to folkie tendencies, and approach to music established on specialized places as a -RAFTS, and similiar alike clubs. So we have here very tipical maniristic approach, as same as offering psychology nearer to taste of so call wider listeners population. A band works as a quintet, and introduced itself with 8 tracks in, recorded in Novi Sad "Positive" studio, under the productional leaderships of Pedja Pejic and Mario Tomic.

A lyrical themes has expecting lover approaches, and songs itself balancing between easiest pop rock to balaads, which standards during the years established acters from so call Sarajevo school ( Hari Mata Hari, Merlin... ), but also Novi Sad groups as a Ulicni Svirac or Apsolutno Romanticno. Honestly, in some places a band has offered a strongest hard performings, but finally nothing has been changed at all. "Vrti mi se sve" as a album could be interesting for listeners population, whose orientations mainly accept mentioned musical vision. Unfortunatelly, band's author's offering is mainly poor, and in my opinion isn' t reacheble to wider audience's basis.

Rating : 5/10
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