Monday, October 20, 2008

NIGHTFALL - Kao da niceg nije bilo

NIGHTFALL - Kao da niceg nije bilo

Written by Branimir Lokner
Monday, 20 October 2008

" Kao da niceg nije bilo "
( Automatik Records ) 2008.
Heavy/power/progressive metal

During the February this year a Belgrade act Nightfall release a full-length. Previously, they offered to audience a 2 Demos, and it's important to say that band is winner of "Zajecar 2007" fest. Musically, Nightfall performs in Serbia very often variant of heavy/power/progressive metal, they sing in own tongue, and in line-up has a well-trained musicians, where in my opinion a key attention belong to visually interesting frontman Marko-Maks Capljic. As a part of jury in mentioned festival, I had an oportunitty to face band alive few times, and I want to say that their basic qualities lays in atractive and convinceble stage performance. A little different view, I have after listening of band's album. A part of materials, group recorded in same repeatable manner, judging by arrangments realizations.It seems that band haven' t had enough breath to offer a same qualities of complete song materials in general.

NIGHTFALL - Kao da niceg nije bilo There are 10+2 tracks on album, and I would mention an interesting cover version of song "Opsesija", from dance band Beat Street repertoire. Maniristically "Kao da niceg nije bilo" expectingly satisfies, and also all other technical details more or less, funkcionized as well. "Ona ne cuje bol" as a song posses evident listenable qualities, radio and concert acceptables, and could be a favourable one from whole album opus. Unfortunatelly, Nightfall didn' t materialize its winner status from "Zajecar 2007" fest, and also band's promotional campaign failed in previous months, as same as after realization of "Kao da niceg nije bilo" CD's.

Rating : 6,5/10
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